Introduction to present problems of the mould industry in our country

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Development of mould enterprises in our country is on the right track in recent years, so there are still various problems in the management mode and so on.

As we know, the market marketing strategy is the enterprise to customer needs as the starting point, according to the experience for customer demand and purchasing power of information and the expectations of the business world, and all the business activities in a planned way through mutual coordinated product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy, to provide customers with satisfactory products and services and realize the goal of enterprise process.

Mold industry itself is a branch of industry, market is not very large, relatively so each enterprise in the marketing idea of the product could have done better. Although experienced long time development, mould industry in our country has made great progress and breakthrough, also le rich harvest, but the mould industry in our country a lot of problems in management are widespread. The first is the marketing level cannot meet the demand of the development of the industry.

Extensive marketing level is not high, management, inefficient is three big problems of the mould industry in China, the existence of the three big problems led to the hardware mold industry of our country's competitiveness is not strong.

Mold making enterprise overall level of marketing in China is still in the primary stage of the world, no brand, no technology innovation ability, much less control of the industrial chain. Mainly embodied in the sales channels of a single, raw material supply constraints, resource integration of consciousness is not strong.

Management reflects the modern enterprise system is not perfect or not, internal governance structure is messy, family-run cronyism, financial management in particular, cash flow management, product quality management, on-site production management cannot achieve effective control of no effective methods and measures.

It is understood that the mould enterprises in our country should continue to explore the advanced marketing mode, to learn from the experienced marketing predecessors, improve own marketing concept. Replace the nepotism in the form of meritocracy family type management mode, enables our mould enterprises to the management to benefit. Improve the efficiency of mould enterprises in our country, thus improve the mould industry from overall competitiveness.

Still in transition and development of rising domestic mould enterprise, the market need to do more in the future.

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