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About us

Dongguan Zhongneng Jinfeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd., abbreviated as "Zhongneng", is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Lotte Group. It was founded in 2015 and is located in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City. Factory area: 90000 square meters, covering an area of 138000 square meters. Registered capital: 7 million, total investment: 270 million. Total number of employees: 1000. The company specializes in the manufacturing of electronic toys, plastic toys, plush toys, gifts, and gift toys, mainly providing one-stop services such as molds, injection molding, spraying, transfer printing, screen printing, vacuum electroplating, assembly, and packaging.


Zhongneng Company currently has over 1000 employees, including more than 45 intermediate and senior technical personnel and over 300 intermediate and senior professional titles. We have over 30 professional product design, mold development design, and manufacturing engineers, with an annual production capacity of 500 million yuan. We have obtained certifications such as ICTI, Disney, 3C, and ISO9001:2015.

1、 We provide mold making, injection molding, spraying, transfer printing, screen printing, vacuum coating, laser engraving, inkjet printing, PCBA, assembly, and packaging services for Japanese and Korean brand toy terminal customers (BANDAI, TOMY TAKARA, SEGA, MIMI, YUTOSY), with an annual production of approximately 100 million PCS of products.

2、 For customers of gift series terminals in Europe and America (KFC, McDonald's, HASBRO, WENDYS, etc.), we provide product design, mold design and manufacturing, as well as production services for injection molding, spraying, transfer printing, inkjet printing, assembly, and packaging products, with an annual production of 150 million PCS of finished products.

3、 We collaborate with electronic toy product customers from (MIMI, YUTOSY, TAIYO) to provide production services, including mold design and production, injection molding, spraying, transfer printing, screen printing, vacuum coating, laser engraving, inkjet printing, PCBA, assembly, packaging, and delivery of finished products. We produce 30 million sets of products annually.

The company has an "Experimental Testing Center" and is equipped with more than 80 product inspection and testing equipment. It has temperature shock test chambers, impact collision tables, high and low cycles, salt spray, fluorescence spectrometers, UV testing, TTF machines, small object testing cylinders, sharp point testers, false fingers, sharp edge testers, torque meters, push-pull force meters and other equipment, providing reliable quality assurance means for the entire production process and fundamentally ensuring product quality. The company has passed the quality system certification of ISO/9001 and 3C. It has the advantages of performance safety, structural stability, product reliability, and strong applicability, and has been highly praised by customers.

With the intensification of international competition, the company implements diversified OEM and ODM production processes. Therefore, the company adheres to technological progress as the driving force, quality and reputation as the foundation, introduces advanced technology, absorbs and digests high-tech, and strives to make the company more competitive among peers. It has the ability to enter the procurement system recognized by brand toys, actively participates in international and domestic brand toy exchanges and learning, and continuously improves its self-management ability through learning and growth, becoming the enterprise with the strongest customer recognition among peers.