This year China's mold industry development potential is infinite

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Mould industry is an industry rise quickly in recent years, we can see from some of the data above, according to incomplete statistics, in 2004 China's mold production ChangDian is about more than 30000, employees 800000 people, 2014 mould industry maintained good momentum of development, mould enterprise overall order enough, task full, about 8 m mold enterprises and manufacturers, employees 2 million people, the national mold output increased from 61 billion yuan to 1.8 trillion yuan.

At the same time, it also suggests that China's mold production technology had the very big enhancement, mold production level some is close to or reached the international level. Mold imported $2.068 billion in 2005, up 14.07% on the previous year, suggesting that highly skilled mold is still far cannot satisfy the domestic market needs. China mold exports more than $2013 in 2 billion, an increase of 50.31% over the previous year. In 2005, the ratio of the import and export of 2.8:1, more than 2004 of 3.69:1 more hasten is reasonable. Mould of 2013, China's import and export volume of more than 5 billion yuan, believe that in 2014 China mold and die industry still has large growth, high technical content, of course, the mould still development priorities for the country. In more than 80000 mould companies, output value over one hundred million yuan mold has more than 100 enterprises, output value of 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan thousands of medium-sized enterprises, output value of about 20 million accounts for a large proportion.

Due to the improvement of the whole mold, represented by intelligent mould products, one of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and power production mould enterprises, the strong support rapid development in areas such as high-end equipment parts manufacturing in China. Compared with the traditional mold, intelligent mould with high technical content, high value-added products, long service life, wide range of applications, such as large market space obvious advantages. Intelligent mould though the total amount is not much, but it represents the mold technology development direction, new products in the industry structure adjustment and change of the pattern of economic development will play an increasingly important role.

Development of intelligent mould, is not only to the mold manufacturing industry put forward new requirements, it is also the driving force for the further development of mould industry, therefore, it will become the future the development direction of mould industry.

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